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We are in the midst of a digital revolution. Every day, a new part of our life is being disrupted by Technology. The benefits of such disruption are obvious and well known. Even as Technology makes many older jobs and businesses redundant, it is also creating new ones to take their place. At Bilent, we look towards Technology as a means to support more livelihoods and better lives.

Who is a Digital Champion?

A Digital Champion is an agent of change, an advocate of inclusion and a means to a better life for others. The Champion is enabled to assist in selling the products and services available on multiple websites that have tied up with Kyash. In doing so, they not only help customers get the best products and services, but also earn handsome income to realize their own dreams.

Responsibilities of a Digital Champion?

A Digital Champion’s primary goal is to help customers in search and selection of the products and services they need, and help them make these purchases online. Any issue relating to the product or service will be handled by the respective website. Neither Bilent or the Digital Champion is responsible for issue resolution. However, wherever possible, Bilent will suitably assist the Digital Champion and customers in resolving any issue faced. Also, Bilent will be constantly monitoring the websites on their performance and will be discontinuing its services for any website that regularly fails to deliver as per its promise to customers.

Some customers may prefer doing the search and selection themselves. In such cases, a Digital Champion can help in collecting cash payments. If A Digital Champion accepts delivery of a product on behalf of the customer, then they are doing it at their and customer’s own risk. Neither Bilent, nor the Website is responsible for any loss caused due to mishandling of the product.

How much can Digital Champion earn?

Businesses who have enabled sales via Digital Champions offer different commissions based on their business objectives. Wherever needed, Bilent advises the websites to provide better commission to improve Digital Champion earnings.

The commission for each transaction will be shown to the Digital Champion at the time of payment. Generally, sales transaction commissions will be higher than payment transaction commissions.

Who can become a Digital Champion?

Following are the requirements to become a Digital Champion – 

  • Genuine desire to help people and provide the best customer service
  • Computer Literacy – Must be comfortable with browsing multiple websites. Preference for those who are comfortable making purchases online
  • Strongly Preferred – At least one Laptop/Computer connected to Internet
  • Must have an Aadhar Card and PAN card
  • Bank Account enabled to perform UPI transaction
  • Smartphone enabled to do UPI transactions (i.e. with any UPI app installed)
  • Preference given to those running their own shops/offices


Want to become a Digital Champion?

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